Author Topic: Set Ctrl+C as the hotkey for Send To: Clipboard (selected files)  (Read 1014 times)


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Currently, when you try to set Send To: Clipboard (selected files) as the hotkey Ctrl+C it pops up a warning saying 'Ctrl+C' is a reserved key and cannot be used. I believe this is because Ctrl+C is reserved for copying tags to the clipboard. While it is nice to be able to copy tags to the clipboard, I would much rather make that a secondary command such as Ctrl+Shift+C since I use it far less often than copying files. So far I have yet to use that command and there have been a few instances in which I have tried to copy files from my library or from a playlist to attempt to paste them in another playlist or onto another window that isn't MB. I'm not saying that it needs to be the default but I would like the option to change what the two hotkeys are.


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CTRL-C is a -Windows- reserved key. My understanding is that it can't be remapped to another function.
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You can actually use ctrl-c if you use autohotkey.

Let's say you set the hotkey to be ctrl-r in musicbee in this instance. Then, you would simply need the following:

#IfWinActive ahk_exe musicbee.exe

The above would be your code. It would make autohotkey sent ctrl-r when you press ctrl-c IFF musicbee is the active window. And since ctrl-r is the hotkey assigned to do what you want, hitting ctrl-c will thus do what you want.

This approach is used for programming multiple hotkeys to do the same function, since musicbee seems to be one of the only players that still doesn't natively let you assign multiple hotkeys to the same function. It's less user-friendly, but it works just the same.

Heck, my most-used AHK hotkey is the one I set to my G1 key (left of the Esc key) that activates musicbee and then sends alt-c to toggle compact player, which not only lets me have a global hotkey (g1) but also a non-global hotkey (alt-c) to do the same thing. On top of that, I made autohotkey not respond to that key when I'm in certain applications, such as some games, so that accidentally hitting it won't activate musicbee. It's global with more control.

And to top things off, I made it send musicbee behind all other windows when it toggles the compact player on, so that it can fall behind my rainmeter visualizer. Here's the code below if you or anyone else can find it useful:

#IfWinActive ahk_exe MusicBee.exe
WinGetPos,Xpos,Ypos, sizeX, sizeY
if (sizeY >= 500){ ;Checks if the MusicBee main window is open before changing to compact player
Sleep, 250
Winset, Bottom, , A ;Send to Bottom
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