Author Topic: Is it possible to have an Advanced DSP Chain like JRiver?  (Read 575 times)


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Hello, I am testing MusicBee and I am trying to replicate my set-up I am already using with Foobar2000 and with JRiver MC28.

My audio system is a 3-way active solution with convolver for room equalization.
To do that I do so:
1) I put the Stereo 2ch stream into a 5.1 (6ch) transport stream
2) then I apply the convolver to the stereo stream
3) then I split/copy the stereo stream into 6ch output
4) and finally I apply to each of the 6Ch the wanted final EQ / filtering /delay to get the final 3-way Xover and Room EQ

In the pictures herein detailed is my current JRiver set-up: and

Is it possible to have all such a kind of useful DSP feature in the MusicBee DSP?
How can I achieve the same result today using MusicBee. Is it feasible or not?

Thanks and regards, Andrea
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