Author Topic: question - can i show artists AND playlists in the same left panel?  (Read 269 times)

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hi folks,

firstly ... i love musicbee and have been using it for a bunch of years now.
the fact that it is so flexible is SO COOL, but on the other hand that flexibility can be challenging for teh newbs like me.  :-)

question -

currently my playlists is on the farthest left panel.
my artists is on another panel to the right of it.

is there a way i can have both ARTISTS and PLAYLISTS show on the left panel?  
ideally there would be a dropdown for artists, and a dropdown for playlists.

screenshot for better explanation

[edited to add ...]

as i think about this some more and look at a bunch of themes, what i think would be best is if my left nav bar could show:
 - artists
 - playlists
 - genres
 - maybe decades
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Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: open the arrange panels window from the layout menu next to the search box. Move the things you want into the left sidebar and select "stack" for any you want to be able to switch between. (If you don't select stack, they will all be included in the panel, which will probably get crowded. However, you can use a panel splitter to create more than one stack if you want.)

Note that you can have your stacked panels displayed as tabs OR available for switching in a menu, as you prefer. Also note that anything that exists as a tag in the file (everything you mentioned except playlists) will need to be in the column browser, so you probably just need it and your playlist directory and you're good.
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