Author Topic: Automatically update file/folder in Windows when making metadata changes in MB?  (Read 429 times)


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In the past when I used iTunes, if I made a change to an album, the actual files for the album would change and shift around my hard drive accordingly, automatically. For example, if I had an album labeled as Freak Out by Frank Zappa, there would be a Frank Zappa folder with a Freak Out folder on the inside, with the mp3's in there - then, if I were to change the metadata in iTunes to have the album be by Frank Zappa & The Mothers, a new folder titled Frank Zappa & The Mothers would be made, with a Freak Out folder inside, and the files would automatically move there.

In MB however, it seems like whenever I change metadata, they stay in the folder, which is, at that point, incorrectly labeled. Is there a way to change this behavior?


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Edit->Edit Preferences-> media files

Warning: This will do exactly what you tell it to.  Make sure you know what you want it to do and understand how to do it before you activate it, because it will move your files around according to your settings without any intervention once it's on.

Many of these rudimentary functions are detailed at the wiki:  If you plan on using MB for the long haul, time spent there is time well spent.
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There's a reason there's an exclamation mark next to it. Enabling this will move every file in your library.
Make sure you understand the implications of that, or you'll end up like this guy:

It is strongly recommended to copy a handful of different types of files into a test library and get it working on that before enabling it on your main music library.

I see it's not just me wary of telling someone how to enable this.  :D
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While the dire warnings are justified based on some of the responses we've seen, I think as long as your files are starting and ending on the C: drive, turning on auto organize with default settings will result in behavior equivalent to iTunes' library organization, just not in the itunes folder. Check the destination folder in the settings, it's probably your Music folder.

If folks like the one Zak linked would give us more details about their specific situation we could probably help them figure out what went wrong.
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