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I am taking advantage of Musicbee's automatic file organisation feature. I am trying to get Musicbee to rename and organise my files in a way that PleX likes to read them.

This has been pretty easy, but I am struggling with disc numbers. Here are PleX's instructions:

"For albums that span more than one disc, you simply prepend the disc number to the front of the track number. So, track two on disc three would be "302 - TrackName.ext"

This works great, except when disc numbers are not present in my iD3 tags (usually because there is only one disc). This results in a file name which is: "Unknown Disc#05 - Going.mp3"

Can I set up the syntax in such a way where IF the disk doesn't have Disc values in its iD3 tag, it will ignore that string, resulting in: "05 - Going.mp3"



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Yes, you could use this construction to skip the disc #:


Or if you want to use Disc 1 when the disc # is blank:
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