Author Topic: Customized font in Compact Grid Main Panel View  (Read 989 times)


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MusicBee GUI
I have my custom GUI layout in MusicBee all set up and just one thing I would like to change but don't see a way to do it.
In the main panel, I like the "Compact Grid" layout rather than the Detailed listing.  But, in the settings, "Layout (1)" I selected a BOLD font as the General Default font (in order to have the text standout more) but it only applies to the track titles and NOT to the track number or track time fields (circled in yellow in my posted image)
The "General Default" font seems to override everywhere else on the screen unless a different custom font is chosen in a specific panel (where possible) but it doesn't seem to apply to all the fields in the Compact Grid View.  I see that the detailed listing option gives more specific control over the fields and fonts but it doesn't seem to allow the two or three "columns of track data" layout.  Hopefully the picture illustrates...

EDIT:  I was looking at the skinning guide to see if this was something I might be able to change by editing the .xml file but it seems like skinning deal with colors, dimension, and icons/images that are used for elements and not fonts so perhaps I can't change it by editing the skin file?
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  • Heal The World perhaps I can't change it by editing the skin file?
Not sure but I doubt.
I think what you can do now (since by the looks of it, no ones seems to know a setting/method that solves that) is go over to the wishlist board and present your case there.
'cause this will soon get lost here in the questions...
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