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I use the pitch alteration feature of the Tempo DSP plugin very frequently and would love to be able to adjust pitch up and down by semitone with a hotkey like I can with tempo. It might also be nice for pitch information to be saved when creating Tempo presets, but that does not appear to be the case.

If this is already possible and I've just missed it, please do let me know how.


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ignore I should LTR - Semi tone, not tempo.... my bad i'll leave the comment strikedthrough in case its info someone may find useful.

slap me with a wet fish.

VST host option, send to external .... nah, doesn't really address the request though if you're wanting to adjust & audition in realtime per audio clip/sample.
Seems bad form to suggest an alternate app.  :-X

Apologises first if this is not what you're after or have considered and not been satisfactory but can it not be done with a toolbar option?
Right click the "Configure Toolbar" and add the options (listed below) and assign a png icon for the button(s) of your choice for a silouette icon set such as IconMoon's.
As I understand there' s 5 tempo options:-
 2 each for increase/decrease by 10% +/-,
1 for setting a preset, called "Set",
1 to "Use" said preset
& lastly another to "Reset".

It's alphabetically in the "Player" group in the pulldown menu in the "Set Toolbar Buttons".

Again apologise if [not if, you did] I've just told you what you know already.
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