Author Topic: A way to control Bandwidth while downloading multiple Podcasts @ a time  (Read 1611 times)


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I use MusicBee for my Podcast Manager and have always loved it.

My Wish is: If Musicbee is the culprit of my downloading issue, it would be nice to be able to control the mb download per podcast download.  
Or could there be a way to use a downloader such as IDM to download my podcasts?  (Just thinking.)

I am having issues with the last two versions of MusicBee. They for some reason are taking more & more Bandwidth to download the podcasts I have listened to daily, for years.
(I am currently using Musicbee V 3.4.7805 P portable.)

Way back, in older versions,  I was able to download 4 podcasts @ a time, then after a year or so, I had to down-grade to 3 podcasts, then later 2 @ a time. and now since the last two updates of Musicbee, I can now only download 1 at a time to still be able to do something else using  the internet.

I have checked if I am getting the bandwidth promised by my ISP and yes it is what I pay for, then checked all background programs to see if something hidden is using the bandwidth and find, no unexpected bandwidth hog.  
So I have to conclude something maybe has changed in Musicbee.  
I do notice that the downloads that are now being downloaded, seem to be speedier then downloading the same in the past, but that could be for a variety of reasons other than Musicbee.
However, this is not really addressing the issue of why I can only download 1 podcast at a time now.  (All but one of the many downloaded podcast titles I download daily are audio only, so the average is around 30-70 mb. and either mp3's or m4a format.)  

Just my thoughts & a wish for my daily use of Musicbee for Podcast management.

Thanks for your wonderful Multimedia Manager and I look forward to using it for many more years.



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Or could there be a way to use a downloader such as IDM to download my podcasts?  (Just thinking.)

Have you tried adding IDM to Prefs/Tools/external application?  My guess is that you could come up with a parameters string for it that would do just that.  Check here:
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