Author Topic: How do I set things up so I can sync to my phone properly?  (Read 5018 times)


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Here's what I did:
I downloaded and installed MB. I used the Installer Edition if that matters. I got it to scan so it has my music collection in it. And it's playing great on my computer. I then synced it with my phone (via a wire). My phone now has my entire music collection on it. It's playing on Music Player, but kind of wonkily. I downloaded "MusicBee Remote" on my phone, figuring that I could have it scan my phone and play all those same tracks the same way MB does on my computer. But I can't seem to find a "Scan my phone" (or similar) option. Am I doing something wrong?

To be clear, here's what I want to be able to do:
I mainly use my computer for music, but I'd like to have it all on my phone for when I go out. So I'd like to have MB (or its equivalent) on my phone, looking at the collection that I synced to the phone. And every so often, I'd like to reconnect the phone to the computer and resync it, so that changes to my collection get reflected on the phone. I don't much care if the resyncing is done via a wire or my wifi.

Please advise. Thanks in advance.


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MB is a Windows application only. You can not install it on your phone, nor is there a phone (Android or IOS) version of it.

The MusicBee Remote plugin allows you to control your MB install (on your PC) from your phone. It does not play your music on your phone.

WiFi syncing using MB's WiFi Sync app (from the Google Play Store) is much faster than syncing via USB. The recommended, but not required music player applications, are PowerAmp and GoneMad. They are paid apps, but they each have a trial period. They both work well with the WiFi Sync App.

I don't know what Music Player you're using on what type of phone, but there are plenty of free music players out there if all you want to do is listen to the music you sync from MB. If you don't want to use PowerAmp or GoneMad, I suggest you search for the free players and try them until you find one that works for you and isn't wonky.
Download the latest MusicBee v3.5 or 3.6 patch from here.
Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

The Wiki
Posting screenshots is here
Searching the forum with Google is  here


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Thank you, phred. I appreciate the response. That is informative and helpful.


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FWIW, I use VLC player on my angroids.

I have just been dragging and dropping music to the SD cards, and am now trying my first wireless sync.