Author Topic: Dark skin with Player Centered (and Left) (Resource included)  (Read 4981 times)


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Dark skin with player controls centered and another with player on the left, and a skin for Theater Embedded mode for the Now Playing tab.

2 Colors, 3 Skins : Lime Green and Windows Blue

Download page for the theme. Any feedback, help is very much appreciated.

Install skin ( .xmlc file):
View > Skins > Add Skin > Choose the xmlc files

Or you can simply put the skins into:

Important: For the Skin with Centered Player Buttons:
Keep the Album Cover enabled in the main player, since the player buttons and progress bar position is depended on it to stay centered.

To enable main player auto-color:
Right Click over the Main Player > Panel Layout > Auto-Pick Panel Colors

To customize the track details you want to show on the bottom left corner:
1. Select default MusicBee 3 theme (because some theme can disable this customization feature)
2. Right Click over Main Player
3. Panel Layout > Customize... > Create desired settings.

If you want, you can install the font Outfit and enable it from:
Edit > Edit Preferences > Layout - choose Fonts here.

To get your setup like the screenshot attached:

1. Put the " SLICK View.xml " into
C:\Program Files (x86)\MusicBee\Plugins\TheaterMode.Embeded\

2. Restart MusicBee

4. Click > Configure Layout Icon > Main Panel > Theater Mode > SLICK View

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