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So I've just downloaded a long playlist (183 songs) to my computer and all the files are in a specific order in a file on my desktop as of right now. I've added all the songs to a playlist in MusicBee straight from my desktop without adding the files to my library for now. I like to keep my song files organized though and will be adding them to my MusicBee library by placing each song in a folder of each artist and what album the song is from. My problem is once I move those songs from desktop to library, the links are broken in my playlist so my question is what is the most efficient way to move that many songs to a different location as well as keeping the song files recognizable and in the same order, as the playlist I created, without having to manually add the songs back after I move to different location? Please and thank you.


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What I would do, since you have the playlist set up, is select everything in the playlist, right click and add to Library (or Inbox if you prefer). Then use MusicBee to move the files where you want them.
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