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So i'm new to MB as of this week, potentially leaving mediamonkey 4 (due to misc issues i have with it). Ive been running into a few transitional pains i am trying to work through. This particular one is eluding me, and i cant seem to find an answer...

So, in each of my albums (Root>Music>Album Artist>Album), i have a folder named "Artwork". Inside, i have all the artwork specifically named (01 Front.jpg, 02 Back.jpg, 03 Booklet 01.jpg, 04 Booklet 02.jpg, 05 CD.jpg, etc. - cus im a little OCD). Im really struggling to get my artwork to display (instead most albums have a "no cover art" image).

After searching forums and google for a resolution to this on my own, all i could find was directions to go to preferences>tags (1)>artwork, click on 'edit list' and then "arrange how i want it". Looking at this list, i have no option to enter my own naming scheme, so the most logical option is "<Filename>.*" which i would guess would just grab the first file alphabetically (which would be perfect as it would be 01 Front.jpg) to display. However, this is not the case.

After trying to place every option at the top of that list, my artwork still fails to show up. I have gotten it to appear, by going into into an album, and making a copy of "01 Front.jpg" and renaming it "Front.jpg", or by right-clicking each album and manually navigating too, and selecting the desired cover image. Both of these seem unnecessary and/or redundant. Frankly, going through 2tb of flac albums to do this is WAY more work then it should take.

Am i missing something? Only reason i can think <filename> did not work is due to the multiple files in the folder, and instead of defaulting alphabetically it just decides not to use any of em. This wouldnt make sense though, provided MB is in fact capable of multiple artwork images per album, and not just limited to a single image per album.

Edit: There IS a *.* option, which sort of works. However, in the image select drop down, it names them all as "Image 1: Album Cover, Image 2: Album Cover, etc." instead of using their names.
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Try Tools -> Advanced -> Rescan All Files and if that fails, can you post a screenshot of your artwork settings?


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Also, don't forget to press the "Rescan Artwork" button here when you make any changes to artwork presentation:


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Fun hack if you're adventurous (and after you back up the original).  In %AppData%\MusicBee3Settings.ini there's a section called "<TagArtworkScanFilter>" where all the listed artwork file name templates are stored.  If you have a consistent scheme that you want to have it scan for, you can add others (as sveakul appears to have done with DLCover.* above) there.