Author Topic: What Project Have You Got Going On With Your Files Right Now?  (Read 5122 times)


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I'm in the process of editing my (synchronized) lyrics so that they display smoothly in the Now Playing tab.
At the moment, long text that overlaps into a 2nd line kinda makes the display ugly.
I have a relatively small library. I don't mind doing this for the +-350 songs that I have.


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I'm kinda jealous.
You seem to be in a quality-over-quantity state of mind.
I hate to admit that while that is some sort of adage for me in life, I may have to admit that has got lost a bit where it concerns my music library.
Over the (many) years my library has grown to a size where I can no longer name and list all albums that I own now.
(which was not much more than a couple of dozen LPs in my wonder years, which I could all recite if you woke me in the middle of the night)
An increasing amount of albums and artists that I love or appreciate these days can not be found in my direct access cache memory anymore, so I really need MB and metadata for that these days.

So, more on topic:
My current and ongoing project is to try and categorise more recent and new music that I acquire by making sure that attributes such as 'genre', 'country', etc. (which are helpful to find the music of which I can't recall the artist or title of at that moment) are there to help me in finding and listening to new music that is valuable to me.
Another ongoing process is getting 'year' correct.
I like to be able to filter on years. For modern music that would be original realease year, for classical music it could be that, plus the year (period) of composition.

These two items alone will probably keep me occupied until my ears no longer serve me.


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I'm in the process of tracking down and re-ripping some CDs that I ripped mistakenly as "file per disc": Down to 3 or 4 I think. Second, I am also cleaning up the genre categories because at a point on my last road trip, I tried playing/shuffling Rock only, and found that a good number of those cd's were categorized as something else. Upon review, I learned that I have been neglecting that field, beyond Rock.