Author Topic: Ability to input genre descriptions that show up on mouse rollover  (Read 3492 times)


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As the title says, when viewing the thumbnail browser, column browser, etc. by genre, it would be nice to input a description telling you about the genre itself via wikipedia descripion of the genre or manually from the user that pops up when you mousover a genre.


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It seems unrealistic to me that a popup displaying the contents of a full webpage could be doable or would make much sense.
Both because there will be far too much content to nicely fit in a popup, and because the web retrieval would need to be lightning fast to avoid annoying delays.

For what it looks like you are trying to achieve, it would be much better to create a weblink in the track details panel for genre that directs to the concerning Wikipedia page.

Another problem—that also affects using a weblink—is that the same genre is sometimes written in different ways. Or has a couple of aliases.
So a direct and specific link to Wikipedia will not allways work. (unless you are using the exact same genre names as Wikipedia for all your genres)
A weblink that does a Google search on Wikipedia for <genre> will probably be the best way to do this.
(using the RYM website for this is another option, they also have sensible genre descriptions)
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