Author Topic: Make <Play Count> and other similar tags collect data from every selected track  (Read 2972 times)


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Regarding my post here:

And my newer post here (it was posted in the bug reporting section but apparently it's "intended behaviour" so it was moved to the questions section):

There are a few tags that behave inconsistently in the track information panel. In my case, I'm trying to make a virtual tag that multiplies <Time> with <Play Count> so I can see how much time I have spent listening to the highlighted songs. The issue here is that, although the <Time> tag works as expected (it treats every song's duration as their own), the <Play Count> tag only sees the first highlighted song's value and doesn't see any other songs' values that you highlight.

That's how the above happens: it's using a play count of 1 for both songs despite the second song actually having 0 plays. The time listened it should be displaying is thus 4 minutes 29 seconds, not 7 minutes 19 seconds. Likewise, if I were to highlight the track with 0 plays first, and then highlight the track with 1 play, the time listened would still be 0.

I would expect all native tags to use their own values. Mayibongwe provided a screenshot outlining this inconsistency with some other tags:

In his screenshot, he shows the time appears normal, but the size only shows that of the first highlighted track.

I'm hoping that all similar tags can behave consistently here.
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