Author Topic: Tag Editor writes unwanted tags and wrecks multi-value tags  (Read 15032 times)


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1. Nobody is questioning the "technology" so stop engaging in strawmen, please.  We are questioning an "incorrect implementation" of the technology, that is NOT standard among those who are the experts in the standard.  Thus, it needs to change.
Yes, initially the OP thought it was a bug, but we now know it's not, it's actually an incorrect implementation, applying the ID3 2.4 standard to 2.3, and it's NOT supposed to be.

2. Stop engaging in personal attacks (aka Hiccup).

3. Nobody else does this, "force" the saving of the NULL (\\) backslashes on Save with ID3 2.3...  Period, including the actual EXPERTS on Tag manipulation.

Logic test for you...  If the experts don't do it, such as Mp3tag and MusicBrainz Picard (and others, I've tested multiple tag editors and players), what makes you think MusicBee is following the "proper standards/methodology" as you keep falsely stating?
MusicBee is the ONLY ONE doing it...!  That means proper standards are NOT being followed.

Why?  Because it causes issues for those of us who use 2.3, as we've shown, because it's NOT the proper standard and methodology, is not supported in 2.3.
What is so difficult to understand here?

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I have locked this topic - there is well explained detail to understand the concerns and the reasoning for the current implementation.
I have no plans to change the current implementation