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In the right click context menu for a particular song album or selection of albums, where it already has the options 'Queue Next' and 'Queue Last', add other options with similar functionality that are 'Queue Next Shuffled' and 'Queue Last Shuffled' so that the selected tracks or album(s) are inserted into playing tracks list in a  shuffled order.  8)


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Hi. When you select tracks or albums, you can right click them and select 'Queue Next'... this is great. But is there a similar way to insert them into the playing tracks list in a shuffled order (while retain the current order of the tracks that are already in the playing tracks list)? Would be good to have that as an option in the right click menu (ie 'Queue Next Shuffled'), but is there a workaround? 


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What I do to receive a semblance of shuffle is create playlist mixers with various criteria, such as songs rated 4-stars and up, and have it populate a randomized playlist of 25 tracks, which I then add to queue. That way the next 25 tracks are shuffled.

I unfortunately don't know how to shuffle through the right-click menu however, and I too wish that it was possible. Would be great being able to shuffle an album to the queue without losing what's currently in it. From what I recall, right click > play more > play all tracks shuffled clears the queue.


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This is confusing. Given the existing menu items you mentioned, I assume you're request these for when Shuffle is turned off.

I'm guessing that that if you have hundreds of tracks queued sometimes you want to add new tracks in a random upcoming spot.
It doesn't seem that useful if you only queue a few dozen tracks at a time.

Ignoring that, what would Queue Last Shuffled do?
If Shuffle is turned off, anything added to the end of the play queue will always be played last.
If Shuffle is turned on, it doesn't matter where it's added.

I see you've explained it better in the duplicate topic in the Questions forum. You might want to edit your post here to include the same explanation.
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I merged the thread in Questions to this thread
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