Author Topic: Obscure Bug/Conflict: MusicBee vs Magix Music Maker 7 (and other DAWs?)  (Read 2926 times)


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So I came across a bug that practically nobody using this program will run into.. I can explain the "WHY?!" later if you're curious, but started running Magix Music Maker 7 and MusicBee 3.4.7855 simultaneously. This can cause problems, such as

-MMM7  not being able to start
-being able to run multiple processes of it while the program actually never appears on screen
-MMM7 not closing due to MB being open
-MB locking up with a right click when a process for MMM7 is  running
-Menu in system tray for MB locking up when MMM7 is running

This problem is fixed by...well not having MMM7 in the first place, or closing any processes of it still running in the background even if you have closed it.

Considering this is such an obscure problem, I severely doubt this is something you're in any rush to fix, but I did want to bring it up IN CASE it causes conflicts with any other Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). I have a couple others and I haven't tried it yet.

Even if you wanted to fix it, I am not sure it is fixable. 1) MM7 is in the ballpark of 15-20 years old and was designed for the Windows 98/Me/XP era and getting a copy is next to impossible (I only got once from a rare listing on Ebay). It's obviously no longer supported and is superseded by more modern versions of MMM, or Acid, or Samplitude 2) People have mentioned problems with the way Magix music/audio editing software causing audio driver screwups and this is more than likely a Magix problem than an MB problem specifically 3) This is possibly problem with any major DAW since how they interact with sound drivers/sound cards - heck my problem might Specifically be due having a dedicated sound card instead of relying on onboard audio.

I'm not expecting a fix for this, but if it is something that could be easily be fixed, that would be cool and might solve other issues (or cause them XD).

WHY am I running these two programs together?
I made a song in MMM6 years ago, but lost the disc. I bought MMM7 from an ebay seller and tried to recreate that song for nostalgia. I wanted to compare my original song with MMM 7 so I can find out how I made the sounds I made back then. It would be my luck that they caused problems for each other, but at least I figured it out.


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MM7 is in the ballpark of 15-20 years old and was designed for the Windows 98/Me/XP era and getting a copy is next to impossible...

There's a free edition of the current version of Music Maker available to download. Did you try using that?
Running any very old program on a modern computer - especially one with hooks to multimedia devices - will be more trouble than it's worth.
(And for a developer, it would be basically impossible to diagnose what hardware/software conflicts might be causing your specific problems)

Magix software is often made available cheaply on Humble Bundle.
Check there from time to time in case they do another bundle in the future.
Bee excellent to each other...


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As I said in my original post, MMM7 is long superseded by modern versions - its like at 24 or higher and is completely different

And yes, I'm aware of the cheapness/bundlabilty of Magix software.

And I said I wasn't expecting a fix, or really needing or wanting one. Just putting the bug out there in the chance it is fixable.

I thought my lengthy post would have made that clear.