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Just installed MusicBee and am delighted with how intuitive it is. That's one thing I want from a music player. The other is the ability to create playlists and burn to CD with track, title and artist appearing on my auto CD player.

But I'm having CD burning problems: after creating a playlist from a mix of WMA and MP3 tunes, I've opened the burn function and copied the selections from the playlist into it. Now the difficulties begin.

Burning with Audio CD checked, after making sure the total MB don't exceed the 700MB capacity of the Cd, everything appears to go normally, but when the burn is completed, there's only white noise and no music. Don't know why. With Windows Media Player, I got music but no tagged information. Now I get neither.

When I try a burn as a data CD with MP3 and subfolder checked, I do get the tracks and the artist info displayed on car CD or house DVD player, but the total MB of the file is only about 10%--68MB on a disk that holds 700. The sound is thin.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Did you ever get this resolved? I have similar troubles. I can burn songs to a CD, as an Audio CD, but the data about each track doesn't show up in the player (in my car). I haven't tried burning the songs as a Data CD, but when I select that option the file size for each song jumps up incredibly--like a 7MB (actual) will be listed in the burn list as like 40MB. Something's wrong.