Author Topic: Frustrated that playing a CD on MB is so not user friendly  (Read 5998 times)


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There are many things I like about MusicBee. I love the visual layout (more on that later) and its many features. However, I am extremely frustrated with how difficult it is to play a CD and see a straightforward tracklist. This is something so basic it ought to be much more intuitive and in plain sight. I can't believe a program this good in so many other ways is so lacking in this one. The Help feature was totally useless. The forum is overwhelming. I actually had to do a Google search to find answers (in this forum) about this problem. I should not have to go in "behind the scenes," as an Administrator to change the default player, etc., etc. I am reasonably computer literate, but found this issue crazy-making. I hate feeling so helpless and out of control. I went to the trouble of signing up for this forum just so I could lodge this complaint.

Again, MusicBee is so much better than other players (esp. Windows Media Player, which until now has been my default player for all my downloaded music). But at least in WMP, the CD function, ripping, and adding tracks to a playlist is MUCH more straightforward. It's ironic that MB is so customizable --almost TOO many options, it's a bit overwhelming..., but is lacking in this basic feature. I'd put this on my Wishlist, but even here ( ! ) I couldn't see a way to reply to that topic.


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The forum search engine has always been lackluster. But the forum software is free, and unless you (or someone else) wants to pay/donate a more robust forum package to Steven, it's not going to happen. I too will often search via Google.

Remember - MB is a music manager first, and a player second. You could always use third-party software to RIP your CDs.

If there's an existing thread in the Wishlist section that relates directly to your concerns, all you have to do is click on the 'reply' button and add your comments.
Download the latest MusicBee v3.5 or 3.6 patch from here.
Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

The Wiki
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Quite friendly to this music lover: Even if a music manager first, playing a CD with MusicBee works very nicely for this happy, grateful free-(down)loader. Just as when I listen to my ripped music collection, when inserting a CD in my USB-powered player/ripper, MB launches in a few seconds, I get a track listing, always, in my upper-right panel in a couple of more, and an album image follows in my lower-right panel, for most albums. My favorite listening is using the built-in Now Playing screen, and that works as beautifully while CD-playing as in my most common ripped-collection-listening mode. Also, I don't need to run anything as an administrator to set MB as my AutoPlay choice. I can even save an especially-nice artist image while playing, and occasionally, I'll send a copy with thanks to the soul that has lent me the CD -thanks to MusicBee.

For whom it matters, I'm running Version 3.4.7805 on a Windows 7 NUC, my CD-listening and -ripping setup.