Author Topic: Native MusicBrainz integration/support for MusicBrainz identifiers  (Read 6870 times)


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It would be nice to natively support the following MusicBrainz specific id3 tags
(without defining them as custom tags)  which are written when tagging with picard:

"ReleaseGroupID"  id3-Tag="TXXX/MusicBrainz Release Group Id" URL="<ReleaseGroupID>"
"ReleaseID"            id3-Tag="TXXX/MusicBrainz Album Id"              URL="<ReleaseID>"
"AlbumArtistID"     id3-Tag="TXXX/MusicBrainz Album Artist Id"     URL="<AlbumArtistID>"
"ArtistID"                id3-Tag="TXXX/MusicBrainz Artist Id"                URL="<ArtistID>"
"WorkID"                id3-Tag="TXXX/MusicBrainz Work Id"                URL="<WorkID>"
"RecordingID"        id3-Tag="TXXX/MusicBrainz Recording Id"        URL="<RecordingID>"
"TrackID"                id3-Tag="TXXX/MusicBrainz Release Track Id"   URL="<TrackID>"
"AlbumStatus"        id3-Tag="TXXX/MusicBrainz Album Status"

In a second step a MusicBrainz specific context menu could be implemented as a submenu
when you right-click a song for direct navigation via the above "Id-Tags" to the corresponding
MusicBrainz webpages (indicated as URL="..." above)


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Except just for clarity... the trackID is not stored in a similar manner to the others by picard (TXXX) it is stored as an UFID tag. So not currently read by MB. This can be mapped differently through scripting with picard though. Just not sure the implications so I've personally left it as is right now.


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Bumping this to say it would allow Scrobblebrainz, the new listenbrainz plugin, to more accurately scrobble tracks if a track id is present.

See the tag mappings Picard sets for each filetype

And also the fields listenbrainz accepts

p.s. I know beets sets the albumartist-id, album-id, artist-id, releasegroup-id, releasetrack-id, and the track-id as well
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Might it also help to add MusicBrainz as a search engine?

Code;query=<Artist> <Album>
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