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I’m a massive fan of MB and I like to be able to export m3u playlists from this to a UPNP music server running on a NAS.  Most of the time MB performs this task admirably, but occasionally I’ve noticed that the music server doesn’t display the first track that features in playlist it’s exported.  

I first noticed this when it ought to have been one by R.E.M. so initially guessed this may be due to certain characters not being supported by m3u.  I tried m3u ascii, m3u #EXT and even m3u8 as well as pls playlists, but none of this was to any avail.

I then loaded a m3u #EXT playlist comprising the track (which was refusing to display) into MP3tag from its ‘Playlist’ options changed ‘Extended Write info’ from ‘%artist% - %title%’  to  ‘%album% - %track% - %title%’ and resaved the playlist file.   As my NAS uses Linux that then had to be modified to ensure it followed the unix path convention (/) et al, but then bingo – the UPNP Server correctly displayed the playlist, starting with the one by R.E.M.!!  I got there in the end!

Maybe I missed something and this particular issue has already been addressed in MB.  The solution I came upon isn’t great.  Ideally, if a m3u #EXT playlist was wanted, there would be an option to change its title mask to ‘%album% - %track% - %title%’.