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It's common forum practice to 'bump' a thread that hasn't gotten a reply after a bit of time. Bumping a thread simply means adding a new post to the existing thread which then 'bumps' it to the top of the list in hopes that it may be seen again and get a response.

Of late, some users have bumped threads that are only hours old. Or a couple of days old. I wish to remind all forum members, but especially the newer ones, that MusicBee is one man's project. It's his hobby and as such, he maintains it in his spare time. He has a 'real' job and a 'real' life. He can't be (and isn't) on the forum all the time. There is also no 'official' support team.

This forum is where users come for support. Steven provides support when and if needed. Other than that, support is provided by your fellow users. Obviously some users are more experienced than others. Everyone here has a life outside of MB. No one should expect immediate answers to questions, bugs, feature requests. No matter how urgent it may be to you.

Again - not every forum member looks at the forum every day. Yes, there are some who do, but that's not the majority. Sometimes a new thread doesn't get a reply because we're living our lives. Sometimes there's no reply because no one knows the answer.

The bottom line here is that we should all show some patience when starting a new thread. Typically you'll get a reply in a day or two. But sometimes you won't. I ask that you wait a week before bumping a thread. And while you're waiting you should search the forum and the Wiki to see if you can find the solution.
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