Author Topic: Wish for a function to fix volume at 100% to ensure lossless audio playback  (Read 4003 times)


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as the title says I wish for a function to lock the playback volume at 100% to ensure lossles audio playback.

From time to time I detect that MusicBee volume is not at 100% anymore. I can only assume that I touched/moved the volume fader accidently.
It would be fantastic if such a volume change could be blocked entirely by a configuration option.

Background information: I am exclusively using the volume knob of my RME D/A converter (ADI-2 Pro FS R BE).
Such a lock would also ensure that the "Bit test" function of this device does not fail, because the volume is not at 100%.
Bittest is an end to end test, whether your audio chain is lossless, by playing back a .wav tesfile of a few seconds
and if it arrived lossless in good shape, then you get a notification about that in the display. Very useful !


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Hi, Steven :
I second this wish function.
In my situation, I use external DAC(TEAC UD-503) to play music, as bit-perfect require 100% volume,
but from time to time, I just found the volume was at 9x%, it is because some time the mouse wheel was touched by some moment accidently.
A bottom or some kind of choose to fix volume at 100% will be very help to users who prefer "bit-perfect", including me.

 Thanks very much for your effort, Steven!