Author Topic: Import from ExtHD.. space saving?  (Read 350 times)


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Basic Q
When importing a large number of music files say 20 to 30Gg
Music feed actually imports and brings all that 30G into the laptop..

Is there any way to not have to bring all that data onto my laptop and leave it on the external drive?

Essentially I would be streaming and not playing data straight from the laptops hard drive..
thank you


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What are you doing to "import"?  You should just be scanning the location where the music files are (File->Scan Folders for New Files).  It's no different than it would be if the location where the music files are was a local drive.

Make sure you don't have organization turned on under Edit->Edit Preferences-> library.  You would have had to turn this on I think - pretty sure it's off by default.
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