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In artist tag:
If you've set grouping preference to ignore "The" (or anything else) but, in some cases, want to have an artist listed in T list, like, let say "The Big Bopper" (his complete stage name, which I want in T and not in B), you can insert two half-spaces (2x unicode character U+2009) after "The" instead of an usual space, you can't see the difference but Musicbee listed it at T.
I also set one half-pace before "!" + "?" and one after ";" which is more pleasant to my eyes and match typographic rules.
(got this half-space stuff in another post, but not for that purpose)
Copy the half-space inside parentheses: ( )

In filenames, you can override the forbidden slash and question mark by using "∕" (unicode character U+2215) and "?" (coming from Japanese keyboard layout, there's a little space after, but can't find another way)
Copy this inside parentheses: (∕) (?)

This is for Windows, I don't know for other OS, but I'm sure there's also a way.

It may probably have been posted but if not, hope this can be useful to some...

PS: Sorry for my crappy english (I'm French)
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