Author Topic: Skin elements for Rating of focused album (main panel ) + Love (Playing Tracks)  (Read 2999 times)


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Continuing this topic and this discussion (comment #85 and on)

I use the 'Tron Punk' theme.

With the addition of the following:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<root dependsOn="Tron Punk.xmlc">
<element id="Panel.StarRating.Default" fg="61,123,194" fg2="0,0,0" />
My layout currently is as follows: screenshot

I want two things:
1. when I click to focus one of the rest albums in the main panel, the rating-stars element to be visible(dimmed) [also see here about what I mean]
2. the "Love icon" in the Playing Tracks (right panel), if not clicked, to be initially invisible. Here is a mockup of what I want.

Regarding 1, I haven't found any skin that works like I describe (I tried lots of skins, namely: Dark Bee78, MetroStyle, MidnightMETRO)
Regarding 2, I've checked and haven't found any related selector,  so I believe the element is currently not skinable.

Also, after contacting the 'Tron Punk' skin author (see here), I concluded that it's not a matter of the skin, but that these two elements are currently not skinnable.
So I'd like to make this wish: to make these two elements skinable.

Thank you

Using latest MB 3.4.7805 on win10
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Screenshots for 1 ('Rating' element) :

Currently (invisible rating element when I focus an album):

What I want (dimmed rating element when I focus an album) is based on how it works in 'Playing Tracks":


Screenshots for 2 ('Love' element') :

Currently v what I want when I focus a track: