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I would really love to see the configuration for portable devices templatized.  I am a frequent tinkerer on my android phone (frequent resets, new ROMs, new devices, etc.) and nearly every time I go to sync my music, MusicBee sees my phone as a new device (which I cannot blame it for, from a software perspective it generally is).  However, my phones' SD cards generally don't have enough space for my whole music collection, so I select individual folders inside of my Music directory, which can sometimes take an hour or so to accomplish.  Coupled with the tinkering, I rarely get the opportunity to sync more than 1 time before my device is seen as new and I need to do it all over again.  Configuring the settings of an abstract "device template" that I could configure one time & repeatedly apply to new devices would be absolutely phenomenal time saver for me.  Pretty please. =)


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It would be nice to be able to configure a "default" sync profile to be applied to any new device
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