Author Topic: The Send-to-Folder death trap  (Read 1758 times)


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Two weeks ago, I almost had a stroke, when the send to folder option send all my organized files into a single folder. This meant that my music library was essentially wasted, as all the cover.jpeg but one where deleted (the send to folder option just overwrites them it seems), and also as the covers where then of course falsely linked. The solution was for me to painstakingly restore my music files from my backups. I wasted an entire day on that issue.

Thus I ask for a simple feature: make it so that the send-to-folder command sends the files, when multiple albums are collected, within their respective folders (maybe even with all other files, like scans; even as Send-As-Folder-Tree).
OR: make it clear that the option results in loss of data!!!


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Well, if your artwork is always saved as cover.jpeg, and you move all your tracks to one directory, then of course you're going to wind up with only one cover.jpeg. It would be nice if there's a warning that you're overwriting files with the same filenames. Or if it added an incremental number to each one.

This should give you a good reason to use "<Album Artist> <Album>.jpeg" or some such format for all your artwork. Your end result would've been much better. Perhaps it's time for a change.
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Well, I organize my files not only by album but also by theme. This is very important for albums which have different artists and then are split apart, when using the auto organize feature in the stock configuration. I also have other things in the my album folders, like artwork that came with the music or scans.
I think the integrity of such data should be uphold when "moving" your music library (the files). As all my music files (music bee library inlcuded). It would be nice to have the music be library not link the files with absolute paths, but rather with relative file paths (instead of "W:/Music/", "../"). This would mean in turn that if I moved my files somewhere I wouldn't have to import the library again and then link the files anew afterwards. This is just a thought of mine.

The reason for this post was in fact that the cover files (even those which music be saved as "organized Cover.jpg" where overwritten). With the rest of the mess (folder structure gone/ misplaced artwork/ scans) I could have dealt with afterwards.

"This should give you a good reason to use '<Album Artist> <Album>.jpeg' "
If music bee where to rename and find the covers and scans afterwards, this would be a good idea, but for the moment I wish my library to be monolithic.
=> maybe an option which would find the root folder of all music which is to be moved, and then just move that root folder (Send-As-Folder-Tree) would help.

These thoughts are just meant as impulse. I do not mean to urge you (but the cover deletion, and destruction of my playlists, it was horrifying).