Author Topic: Create library on a device?  (Read 209 times)


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G'day all...

Why is the option to create a library on a device not available?  I have a few devices, so I'm avoiding being specific.  But lately I've been working with my mobile phone.

This will beg the question, "Why?".   Limitations of one-way sync is the generic answer.  But I think the answer to why devices are not selectable will help me answer other questions and understand features of MB better.  I'm decent in creating relatively complex playlists, so please don't answer with that.  I just need the "feedback" from my device.  Play count being my current issue.  Again, I'm trying to avoid specifics - just get an understanding.



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It is the function of whatever player or manager you're using on the device to create a library on the device if that's what you want it to do.  I've used both Poweramp and GoneMAD in the recent past, and both will maintain a device library.  It is not MusicBee's function to manage a library on a device that MusicBee isn't on.  MusicBee will get the files and playlists from your computer to your device, organized in folders as you require, and then MusicBee's job is done.
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 In addition to what frankz stated, use of the word "library" in relation to MB, it nothing more than a file with the extension .mbl. This file can not be read by an Android device. Nor can it be read/viewed by any application other than MB.

MB's WiFi Sync app (from the Google Store) will allow reverse sync of play counts and ratings, but only from Gone Mad and PowerAmp.
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