Author Topic: Re-registering podcasts (again)  (Read 1260 times)


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In the past, there was the problem that sometimes, when your library got compromised, you could end up with many podcast subscriptions filed under "Unknown subscription" - although they had been downloaded using existing podcast subscriptions and their placement in the correct folders on the hard drive.

When I reported this, Steven was so kind as to change the software that all podcasts sent to "Podcasts" would automatically be checked if they belonged to an existing subscription. In order to achieve this, the file location on the hard drive was checked:

Now, I installed Musicbee on a Mac using Crossover. I used my preexisting library files which I had created on a PC. All music and many podcasts were located correctly (wow!), but some podcasts (in fact, very many) were not - they were placed under "Unknown sucbscriptions". I tried to use the "Send to" command to send them to the inbox and from there back to podcasts, since there is no drag and drop functionality with Musicbee on a Mac.

With the new functionality, all podcasts should have been sorted back to their original podcast subscriptions, as they are in the correct subscription folders on the hard drive. However, they remained under "Unknown Subscriptions".

I know, I am asking for Mac support for a Windows program. But maybe the issue is a general one? I would be very glad if you could help me. Thank you so much!