Author Topic: CD ripping to wrong location  (Read 875 times)


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I have had musicbee directed to a folder, E:\*\Music, which was also the windows 10 user's music folder.
I have since moved that folder to a different drive (Preferences > relocate in Win10), and updated Musicbee to look at the new folder location (D: drive) for files and auto-sorting.
This has all worked perfectly, apart from when I try to rip CDs.
CDs are being ripped to the old location, which cannot be changed in the CD ripping settings. (see screenshot)
Using 'add to inbox' doesn't work, as it won't allow me to point at the D:\*\Music folder, as it is a library folder.

I've spent a couple of hours looking for some way to change this, or to remove E:\*\Music from the library, but the CD ripping interface is the only place I can find reference to it.

Thanks in advance!


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Screenshots needs to end in an image file extension.  Here's yours

Just click the three-dots button to the right of the listed folder and choose a new folder.