Author Topic: Help With File Naming Template  (Read 699 times)


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Hiya. I am going to try and explain the best I can...

So, you know when you highlight songs, right-click them and mouse over to Send To, Folder (Move), Organised Folder, and it brings up that template? How do I create the template so it actually overwrites the filename of the song so it's no longer just its title and track number? I need it to be its artist, title and track number because otherwise when you use an indexer like Everything and am looking for a specific song, you can't search for it because that data for the artist is in the metadata (tags) and not in the filename. I'll try and show an example of what I mean and what I desire.

IMPORTANT: The screenshots aren't uploading, so please refer to the Imgur link with the three screenshots in.

Thank you!


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If you just want to rename the files and preserve their location use this:

Uncheck the "Move" checkbox so that the tracks remain where they are (if you want that)

Do it for a track or an album first to make sure that it's the way you want.