Author Topic: Better handling of snchronized lyrics in database and files  (Read 603 times)


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At present the handling of synchronized lyrics in MB is confusing me.
MB doesn't recognise external lyrics in lrc-files when scanning new mp3-files. But when editing lyrics in the embedded id3-editor the lyrics in .lrc is found. I can save this state and MB recognises this mp3 has synced/unsynced lyrics til a rescan of the file. After MB  rescans the file - it has only unsynced lyrics.
But when im playing this mp3 it shows the synced songtext highlighting the timestamps.

My second problem is - when a lrc-file exists with the same name as the mp3-file. In this case i can't embed the Lyrics in the SYLT-tag and changes are written in the lrc-file. which is no problem, but not the behavior that's expected for me. Actually i copy the synced lyrics to clipboard, rename the lrc-file, rescan the file and copy from clipboard to SYLT-tag. After this i rename the lrc-file as the companion to the mp3-file.

The whole procedure is very unhandy :( , so i have 3 wishes:

1. Recognising synced lyric in lrc-files at scanning folders and files in MB-Database.
2. An option to save synced lyrics in both SYLT-tag and  .lrc (that will be very cool for me, because virtualDJ on Windows reads only .lrc and GoneMAD on Android  prefers embedded SYLT).
3. An option for export on devices to save the synced lyrics from SYLT-tag in .lrc only and also save lrc-lyrics in SYLT-tag only (that options exists, but didn't work for me as expected).

MB is my favorite audioplayer on Windows and I will thank you very much for your marvelous work on MB over years.