Author Topic: [3.4.7764] MB wants to remove tracks from library that are still present  (Read 1281 times)


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One or two weeks ago I decided to try the "continuously monitor" function in Library preferences. I didn't like it, so I reverted back to "scan at startup only" after a few minutes.
Since then, each time I start MB, after a few minutes (like 5-10 minutes), it says all the tracks in a certain folder (always the same folder) are missing and asks if I wish to remove them from library database. I tried several times both yes and no, rescanned/re-imported, but it keeps happening.
Rescanned the entire collection and compressed library from advanced prefs (0 files removed).
I have all my MP3's in one HDD, always the same path, organized by my personal genre hierarchy (S:\genre\[artist]\albums).
For some reason MB now forgets that folder, I re-add it, I can play everything from it, but at the next reboot it says it's missing.
I have not touched that folder in any way, nor removed it from the set of folders to scan at startup.


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Is that folder in the exclude list (button by the Choose Folders button in the library preferences)


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@Steven I think I have the same problem. Since the latest version (from Microsoft Store), on one of my machines Musicbee empties the library on startup. All files were and are present, and I have to re-add them on each start of Musicbee, and they get removed again on the next start. Settings are to constantly watch my folders for changes, plus look for and remove missing files on startup.
No settings changed in the last years, the bug just appeared. No excluded folders on my machine.
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