Author Topic: Easier Access to Genre Categorization Window for setting Genre Categories  (Read 87 times)


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Thanks for making musicbee! I love it!

Allow the Genre Categorization Editor window to stay open while you interact with the song files within the main musicbee application.  (The way the main Edit Preferences window does.)  This would let you edit the song file genres and add the genres to the Genre Category editor at the same time.

Alternatively: Add a shortcut to the Genre Categorization Editor window in the song tagging properties window (Shift + Enter on a song). That would save some clicks and put it in the same workflow as tagging songs.

As a developer myself, I'm thinking either of those things oughta be a pretty quick tweak but this is computers we're talking about, so who knows.


Currently the Genre Categorization editor window "locks" the mouse to it, so you can't edit song Genre tags in the library with it open.
And to get to that menu requires 5 clicks.

This means, if you are tagging a bunch of new genres, you have to do the 5 clicks to open the Genre Categorization Window every time you add a new genre that doesn't have a Genre Category assigned.  It gets pretty tedious if you're trying to set say, 5 or 10 new genres.  (Let's say either your library has none set, or you are exploring a whole new field of music).

One workaround is just to track them in notepad en masse and then paste them in, but then you have to open another program and copy and paste them back and forth, plus you can't see what Genres already have a category without the Genre Category Window.  Life is hard.

To reproduce existing process:
1) Musicbee Menu
2) Edit
3) Edit Preferences
4) Tags (2)
5) Group Genres (Categorize)
6) (I then normally click Genre Category)
***At this point you are unable to edit anything in musicbee as this window locks the mouse focus***
7) Type your genre stuff
8) Hit Close
Repeat this 8-interactions process anytime you add a new genre. If you are setting them for your whole library one at a time (to be thorough), get ready for a lot of clicking!

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This is not in anyway an opinion on your wish, it's only a suggestion that comes to mind for a workflow that might be easier to add missing genres in one run.

If you select 'Edit tag hierarchy', at the bottom you see 'No tag hierarchy for:'
You can copy all entries there, and then paste/implement them into your hierarchy file. (using an editor such as Notepad++)
That shouldn't be much work, and it will probably severely decrease the number of times that you will need to add a single new genre and edit the file again.

Scratch that, I now see I misread.
I thought this was about the Genre Hierarchy, but it was about the Genre Category.

But for what it's worth, if you are using MB 3.4, the hierarchy and category tables are aligned. So you could use what I described to find all the genres that are in your files but missing from the Genre category table, and add those all in one run.
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Just found that leaving teh Preferences window open on the Tags (2) page is an ok work around, provided you are only doing 1 Genre at a time.  Because you can just click the button for genre category there.  I was gonna delete the topic to save Steven time but I can't


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The preference, especially for resolved issues, is not to delete. Someone may come along after you with same issue/question and find this.

What you could do is go to your first post in this thread and in the Subject add "[RESOLVED]" (without the quotes) to the beginning of the subject.
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