Author Topic: Migrated to new windows install - now many files can't be found (v3.3.7491)  (Read 519 times)


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I use MusicBee to download and listen to my pod casts. I recently migrated to a new windows 10 (from windows 10) install, and after restoring my MusicBee files, Music Bee can't find most of my pod cast files. It's really weird, for a given subscription sometimes half of the files will be found, but the other half not. Some subscriptions none of the files are found.

When I did the new install of windows, I ended up with a different user name than the old install. But other than the user name, the file paths are the same. Eg,


After I installed MusicBee, I copied the config from AppData/Local/MusicBee and AppData/Roaming/MusicBee from the old install to the new user's AppData directory, over writing anything that was there.

I tried "Relink Music Files Path", going from
and it did nothing.

I tried dragging and dropping the files, and just created duplicates of everything.

I tried File -> Scan for New Files and Folders and selected the MusicBee folder and it didn't fix anything.

I tried double clicking on missing files and pointing it at the right one, but there's too many for that to be feasible.

Finally, I tried Tools -> Locate Missing Files. I did this for each subscription, when I "found" one file it seemed to find the rest for that subscription.

I thought all was good after that, so I closed MusicBee. An hour or so late, I opened MusicBee up to listen to a pod cast and all the "missing" files were missing again.

Please help me fix this, I'm tearing my hair out.