Author Topic: Who doesn’t like iTunes?  (Read 941 times)


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Hey fellows, so just as the title says, who doesn’t like iTunes? :D


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Welcome to the forum chrisdean

But did you create an account here to bash another music player?
(which in some ways even has been inspirational to MusicBee)


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I truly see no point to this thread. A good number of the people here are here because they gave up on itunes. Which would mean they don't like it.

And as hiccup said, if your purpose is simple to complain about another player, I don't think that's right.
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I use iTunes to access Apple Music and discover new music. It's no MusicBee and it wouldn't meet my needs, but it is very functional.  As software, it's miles ahead of Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz and Tidal and light years ahead of YouTube Music, all of which I used during my period of looking for a streaming service replacement for Google Play Music late last year.

MB and iTunes have two different audiences.  I don't understand why it gets all the hate it gets
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Never used it -probably because I've never used Apple devices or services, and couldn't evaluate it. I moved to MusicBee from Zune when the latter lost basic functionalities. MusicBee is bettter in almost all respects, except that Zune was even better at recognizing and tagging whatever CD I inserted in my player/burner drive. I also moved to Spotify when Microsoft dropped its (Zune, then Groove) music subscription service (no thanks to the dominance of itunes and the ipod, for sure). I've tried Amazon Unlimited a couple of times because it's cheaper, and fairly comparable to Spotify; but, I've returned to and regularly enjoy Spotify (listening to it as I type). What I miss most about Zune and Groove subscriptions is how thoroughly Microsoft integrated my personal/ripped music and subscription collections: THAT was ideal.

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I say goodbye to iTunes.
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