Author Topic: Auto-shutdown timer — add “time of day”  (Read 93 times)

Tina Russell

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This was mentioned here in 2011, but I figured it deserved its own topic.

Using File -> Activate Auto-Shutdown, you can set MusicBee to stop playback (or other functions) at the end of the track or playlist, or after a certain number of elapsed minutes. You can also set it to begin fading after a certain, shorter number of elapsed minutes. This is really useful, but every day I want MusicBee to start fading out around midnight and stop around 5am. If I could enter certain times of day like that, it would significantly improve my quality of life. As far as I can tell, the “end of track/elapsed minutes/end of playlist” dropdown would simply need to have one more option, “time of day,” that would change the two number-of-minutes fields to time-of-day fields. I would appreciate this so immensely. Thank you!

(Yes, I’ve tried the “MusicBee Scheduler” plugin, and besides not having the fadeout functionality, it’s never worked at all for me… I think this is something that needs to be implemented directly in the program instead of as a plugin.)