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Hi. I've been using MB wifi sync with Poweramp for about two years now, originally to the SD card on an Xperia Z5 compact, and now the SD card on an Xperia 5 and it's been amazing. However, recently after my phone updated to Android 11, it's been a nightmare. I gave up for several weeks.

I'm aware that the Sony update was full of bugs — Bluetooth has been all over the place, and Sony have since pushed two additional system updates out. I'm hoping they're going to help. I recently attempted wifi sync again.

When syncing via wifi, the same tracks are written to the device several times despite no perceived changes to playcounts or ratings. I did a sync of a small playlist only, and noticed that repeated syncs eventually reduced the tracks being repeatedly synced until I had a brief, completed sync.

I tried adding a larger playlist, and this sync went on for a good few hours. I noticed that progress jumped from around 60% back to 1% but the sync continued on. Occasionally I would get the Non-recoverable error message and just restart MB and continue. Sometimes, on subsequent sync attempts, I would just get nothing and then a time out. Sometimes rebooting the PC and restarting my phone seemed to help, other times it was the same. I'm yet to complete a full sync of this playlist so whilst several thousand tracks have copied across, the playlist file itself is yet to sync.

I hit brick wall and struggled to complete a sync. The error log was dominated by this error: tryStart12: malformed input around byte 12

I did a wired sync to 'top up' the remaining tracks and playlists. After a restart of the PC, phone, and my router (TP-Link powerline) the wifi sync started copying tracks again, though it kept doing the progress jumps and repeated track syncing again before finally getting stuck on a track and failing. Same malformed input message.

I feel like I'm trying random combinations to try and get this working. Any ideas for a solution or a workaround would be appreciated. MusicBee is the best.

MB Version: 3.4.7749 installed via download file and patched with incremental update
MB Wifi Sync: v2.1
Sony Xperia 5 (J8210) Android 11