Author Topic: Set a different custom background/header image for each playlist  (Read 11039 times)


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The other day I realized that playlists allow you to set a custom background for their headers. I set a header for one of my favourite playlists and was going to figure out what the proportions were so that I can edit the image so as to prevent it from squishing so much, before realizing that whatever image I set persisted for ALL playlists.

I'd like to be able to set a playlist header for only a single playlist. I don't want this image to be used for any other playlist. I wish to set a different banner for each playlist. That way I can, for example, set the label's Bandcamp banner image for its corresponding playlist.


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+1 definately
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Would be nice to have a "Playlist-Cover View" like Spotify.
So i could Browse throuch my Playlists in a more visual way.


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Just started with MusicBee and think it is great but enabling ability to set a custom background banner for each playlist would make it even better.


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