Author Topic: Close the assistant after selecting a song  (Read 204 times)


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I'm currently using the Now Playing Assistant as my main way to select tracks to play, and my main usage of it is not to replace the current song by another, but instead to select the next song to play.

So in my case I select the song, press Ctrl+Enter, and then Escape to close the popup.

Would it be possible to add a setting to make the assistant close when a song is added as the next track, or even better a setting to make the Enter key select the song as the next one and then close the assistant? This would be very convenient for what I use the assistant for - not sure if many other people do.

Thanks in advance! :)

P.S.: I've opened a lot of feature requests in the wishlist forum, as I just discovered this sub-forum so I put all my ideas there. I can centralize them all in one post if it's simplier for you, though I thought it would be clear to have one thread per feature request.


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Please keep each request as a separate post. It's easier for Steven to keep track of them. If you put five requests in one post and only one gets implemented, there are still four outstanding. It also allows any discussion to be strictly for the one request.
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