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Morning All

I have scanned a drive with my files on, but now wish to move 1tb of files onto another drive, my question is once the files are moved and I now re-scan both drives will MB remove the files that I moved and add them again from the new drive. I just didn't want to have duplicates showing one of which would be with the red cross indicating that it isn't available.



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There's MOVING and there's COPYING. Moving does just that - it takes the files from one location and puts them in another. Copying makes a COPY of the file for the new location. In other words, if you MOVE the files you'll only have one copy. If you COPY them, you'll have two copies. And in that case, MB will NOT remove anything.

If you select the files you want to MOVE then right-click > send to > you'll see folder options for moving or copying. Both of which can involve organizing or not. If you're not sure what organizing does, read the Wiki before you do anything. And when you are ready, start with only one or two albums as a test to make sure it's doing what you want.

If you move/copy the files outside of MB, say with a file explorer, you'll have to rescan everything as MB won't know where the files went.
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