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Hello there, I have been using MusicBee for well over a year now, and I am loving it!
but one of the features that I find myself wanting is the feature to be able to view, and by extension use [in auto playlists] all of the dates of every time a specific song was played, let me explain.

The feature would allow you to view everytime you've played a specific song, similarly to how you can currently view when you last played a song.

The main reason I see this being useful would be when creating an auto playlist, you could create an autoplaylist featuring songs most played from a specific time period, so if you added 5 songs in March, played them the most in May, and replayed them in August, you could still be able to see what you listened to most in May.

I picture that when you go into the properties of a song, next to the "Last Played" property there would be three dots, and when you pressed them you could view all the times you played that song.
And with the auto playlists I'm not sure how that would look, perhaps there could be a section where you could limit the sample size of playcounts, so you could set the date from one point to another and only the stats that were added during that time would register [in other words, if you set the date from the beginning of April to the end of April, and you have Song #1 which before April was played 17 times, but during  April was played 30 times, then the auto playlist would only see Song #1's playcount as 30]

as for how this could be implemented, I'm no expert but I think it could be a list of dates for each song.

There are some flaws with this feature, for one it might dramatically increase the storage for each song, as you would have to store every date for each song. To combat this there could be a "Clear Dates" button implemented which, when pressed, would clear all the dates a specific song or all songs that have been played.

Overall while it does have some flaws I think ultimately this would be a useful feature, but I'm curious to know what do y'all think!


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I'm not interested in seeing this implemented per se so don't consider this a +1, but I had a thought on this so I figured I'd share it.

Users of who choose to have their play counts synched back to MB (a group which includes me) have a file called LastFmPlayCountCache.dat that I believe contains all of this play history. A resourceful individual (a group which does not include me) could probably harness this existing data with a plug-in in order to implement a full play history for users who use

Just a thought.
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