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This is my wish list concerning ARTIST PICTURES.  This was previously submitted mentioning Theater Mode (Subsequently deleted - long story),  but I think it's really part of the basic program since artist pictures are also on the main panel.   Personally, I always put MusicBee in Theater mode, so it's sometimes hard to tell what's in TM and what's in MB.  If something I've asked for here is actually a TM (Default Tweak) thing, let me know and I'll edit this post, and create a separate item for it in the Theater Mode topic.  

So here's my list for making the ARTIST PICTURES better.  Sorry for the long list, but I've been using TM Artist Pictures a long time.    

(1) When there are local artist pics in the designated (Preferences > Tags(2)) folder, we should be able to select
   (a) Only use local photos
   (b) Only use internet photos
   (c) Alternate local and internet photos - every other photo is fetched locally (or some similar ratio, maybe even a selectable ratio).

Preferably this should be configured in preferences rather than in the TM XML code.  

(2) Local artist photos should be able to have anything in the filename, but they must have the text string of the artist's name (matching the artist ID3 tag) and in that case, MusicBee will assume that's a local artist photo and use it as such (according to #1 above).  The string with the artist's name can be anywhere in the filename.  This will allow users to point MusicBee to their existing folders of artist photos rather than duplicating and renaming all their artist photos.  

(3) I know this can't be done until there is another reliable source, but *when* a reliable source for artist pictures materializes, configure MusicBee TM to do this.  Allow selecting between that source and Bing or Google search, so if that source goes out of business the user can configure back to a search.  If that new reliable source cooperates, allow "Ban Picture" to evolve to "Wrong Artist" or "Bad Picture for any artist," or "Local artist Ban"  where the first two will communicate the error back to the source, helping other users, and third is local ban only (same as current approach.)  I know that this will depend on other external services cooperating, but this is a wish list, after all.  

(4) How about an option (turned on in preferences) to display the filename of the photo at the bottom  of the image, so the user will have a clue about what it is, when it's one of those totally incongruous images from an errant search result.  Maybe even list the source (website) and also allow a "ban source of picture" on a right-click.  

Thanks for listening -=- Mike
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related to that, here a previous suggestion of mine:

+1   any options for local artist picture slideshow would be welcome

Personally I store artist pictures under the node [Music]\[Artist]\*.*
Album related pictures stored in [Music]\[Artist]\[Album]\*.*

I would like to suggest two things here:

1. An option allowing Artist Art rotation (exclusively) INCLUDING images in an local path like [Music]\[Artist]\*.*
2. An option allowing Album Art rotation (exclusively) INCLUDING images in an local path like [Music]\[Artist]\[Album]\*.*

... therefore ...
- all known picture file formats should be supported
- filenames with an special start character will be excluded from the slideshow - i.e. files starting with an dot .*