Author Topic: MusicBee 64-bit version?  (Read 2950 times)


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In a literal sense I am misusing this wishlist board for this, since it is not something I am personally wishing for at this moment.
But I am anticipating on that this could very well come up as a specific wish in the future, and I am personally curious if this is something that is in the pipeline and would be considered a sensible improvement.

MusicBee is 32 bit software.
Personally I experience zero problems with that, but on the forum I do notice once in a while there are some reports about restricted memory access or some drivers or 3rd party tools only being available in a 64-bit version.
Also, most of the software I am using has 64-bits versions by now, and some even are 64-bit only.

Would it be sensible/realistic to create a 64-bit version of MusicBee?
Would it improve on compatibility and maybe secure a longer lifespan of the program?


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Yeah, we definitely need a 64-bit version. The 2-4GB memory limit is an impediment for archivists and data hoarders. We find that we have to split our libraries and podcasts lest we run into a System out-of-memory exception.   

It isn't unreasonable to ask for this. I've actually considered using an alternative. But I'm I've written plugins for MusicBee and I'm super invested in it.


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I would like that also.

It wouldn't only involve MB though, but also all the plug-ins that work on the 32-bit version that need to be "upgraded" to 64-bit.

A couple of programs i use, keep (or kept) both versions available for that reason.

I have no idea how much work that would be.


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FWIW Musicbee is currently using almost 1GB of RAM with over a million tracks in the database.

Startup time sucks but thats the only real performance issue. Everything else is down to the speed of the disk.


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I wonder how Musicbee handles this amount of data! It's surprising to see that most of the performance issues are related to the program's startup, but that doesn't seem to stop it from processing a huge number of tracks. Thank you very much for the information!