Author Topic: MusicBee 64-bit version?  (Read 266 times)


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In a literal sense I am misusing this wishlist board for this, since it is not something I am personally wishing for at this moment.
But I am anticipating on that this could very well come up as a specific wish in the future, and I am personally curious if this is something that is in the pipeline and would be considered a sensible improvement.

MusicBee is 32 bit software.
Personally I experience zero problems with that, but on the forum I do notice once in a while there are some reports about restricted memory access or some drivers or 3rd party tools only being available in a 64-bit version.
Also, most of the software I am using has 64-bits versions by now, and some even are 64-bit only.

Would it be sensible/realistic to create a 64-bit version of MusicBee?
Would it improve on compatibility and maybe secure a longer lifespan of the program?