Author Topic: Sort artist listing by date, or by folder name  (Read 553 times)


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I have a number of Alan Parsons albums and individual files (often collected from video). If I display artist Alan Parsons, there's a mix of files and albums. Picking my way through to at least build a playlist is challenging. Seeing the list sorted by date would be a big help here. Even better would be seeing the folder structure under Artist Alan Parsons.

In a perfect world, seeing, date sorted or with file structure, anything with the name Alan Parsons because, in this instance, there's also Alan Parsons Project. Or Al Kooper shows up on more than the concerts and Supersessions with Michael Bloomfield. Anything with Al Kooper in it would give one result, anything with Michael Bloomfield will give another result.

Is any of the above possible now, or is this something for the wishlist?
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If I understand correctly what you are trying to do:

In the track details panel you could add the column 'path'.
Then you can sort by that. And additionally, you can sort by more then one column (artist, year, whatever) by clicking another column header while keeping [ctrl] pressed.

If 'path' turns out very lengthy and unpractical you could use a virtual formula such as this instead: