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This is my wish list concerning LYRICS.  This was previously submitted mentioning Theater Mode,  but I think it's really part of the basic program since Lyrics are also on the main panel.   Personally, I always put MusicBee in Theater mode, so it's sometimes hard to tell what's in TM and what's in MB.  If something I've asked for here is actually a TM (Default Tweak) thing, let me know and I'll edit this post, and create a separate item for it in the Theater Mode topic.  

So here's my list for making the LYRICS better.  Sorry for the long list, but I've been using TM Lyrics for a long time.    

(1) When lyrics are shown, at the top, say what service they came from.  So when too many of them are dead wrong lyrics, the user will know which service to uncheck from his list of sources.  

(2) Also at the top of the lyrics, say what the service says the title of the song is.  Many times the title of the song the lyrics are coming from is different from the song title tag, and that's another indicator of a poor service to use as a source.  

(3) (Similar to Artist Pictures) as a minimum allow right-click on the lyrics and select "ban lyrics" and track it locally.  However, the real wish is for a cooperating source to allow "Ban lyrics" to evolve to "Wrong Lyrics for any artist" or "Bad lyrics for this artist" (case where artist deviates from original song) or "Bad lyrics for any song" or "Local lyrics Ban"  where the first three will communicate it back to the source, helping other users, and last is local ban only (current approach.)  I know that these depend on other external services, but this is a wish list, after all.  

(4) Auto-Scrolling lyrics.  This is not the same as synchronized lyrics, but rather a "poor man's" versions of it which works for all songs and is easier for the users.  When lyrics are displayed, calculate the length of the song, then calculate the lines in the lyrics.  After a 15-second pause, start slowly scrolling the lyrics (smoothly, preferably) so that the last line is displayed about 15 seconds before the end of the song.  If the user manually starts scrolling, that takes precedence, but a right-click will allow going back to "auto-scroll."  

Thanks!   -=- Mike