Author Topic: Do you believe that music may help reduce Anxiety?  (Read 396 times)

Terry Walker

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Music as a relaxation tool is certainly nothing new. Decades of research have found that the right tune can decrease blood pressure, slow heart rate, and even curb anxiety. Do you believe it based on your personal experiences?


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Based on personal experience, I can only say that when I have really bad periods in my life, I don't want to listen to relaxation music at all. I want to listen to something that can break you even more, but at the same time you understand that someone was experiencing the same thing, that they understand you and that you can cope with it too. I just want to cry, scream, and it seems like it becomes easier to get through everything
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Yes, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety/OCD and music is a big help in dealing with the illness. Nothing like going for a long walk while listening to your favourite tunes.