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I'm tidying up my music files and looking at the "language" option under Tags (2).  AFAIK, zxx is the code for songs with no lyrics or 'No linguistic content, Not applicable' to use the ISO-639 jargon.  However, under the lyrics tab, there is also an option 'mark as having no lyrics'.

Changing one does not affect the other so I guess they are not related.  Or are they?

I guess my question is twofold:
1. Am I comparing apples and oranges - the 'language' and 'no lyrics' boxes serve two separate functions?  Maybe I am misunderstanding what the language box is for?
2. How do you mark music as having no lyrics (the language tab or the no lyrics tickbox)?  Which is the best option?

Thanks in advance.


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While the meaning of these two are related, there's no functional relationship between them. "zxx" is just a value. You could, as I do, use it to identify tracks that might need to be flagged as having no lyrics, but by itself MusicBee doesn't ascribe any meaning to it, any more than it would "eng".

The "mark as having no lyrics" flag is an internal MusicBee setting that tells MusicBee not to look for lyrics for that file and to report it as having no lyrics when using the Lyrics? tag. Those are the main effects I can think of.
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Thanks.  Plenty of food for thought for me.

'Language' might be a bit of a dead-end for me.  I have a small collection of African music, mostly from Mali as it turns out.    However, each musician seems to sing in their own local dialect/language rather than a 'Malian' language.  As another example, Angelique Kidjo from Benin 'is fluent in five languages: Fon, French, Yorùbá, Gen (Mina), and English.[6] She sings in all of them, and she also has her own personal language, which includes words that serve as song titles such as "Batonga". "Malaika" is a song sung in the Swahili language. Kidjo often uses Benin's traditional Zilin vocal technique and vocalese.'  :)